Friday, August 29, 2008

The One With The Own Blog

A Personal Blog?
Yerp, at last it is finally published.
Baca other ppls blog rasa mcm best je to hav
e my very own personal blog.
Butttttt, do not ever accuse saya meniru org lain.
(Wpon sy seorg copycat berjaya!)
Look at my first entry below. The year stated 2005 since i last updated it.
Rasa mcm sengal pon ade sbb tanak gunekan this blog to its limit.
Klau tak mesti dah beribu2 entry saya post. Hehe!

How do i ever get to this blog thingy?
I was forced by Anies
(erm, takdela memaksa sgt pon) - my BFF to have my own blog account.
Dat time Xanga kot yg
the most being used by the bloggers.
So dgn cptnye, I pon registerla.
At that time, instead of writing mine, I enjoyed reading Anies' blog.
Tp dah lama tak follow. Er
m, dh tak igtpon username die. Mesti die sgt marah. Nak tanye..segan.
Rugi tak subscribe. Klau tak mesti right now still blh baca her writin

Well dah janji dgn Ana, as soon as i get the new fone with camera beribu2 pixel, Ill make one.

"Ala, fone kau skrg kan ade camera?"

"Erm, poor quality. Taknakla amik pic nanti golapppp jek. Tunggula, aku nk post pic lawa2 nanti. Tgh kumpul material. Heh!"

"Ala, tak semestinye kene post pic. Kau luahkan perasaan je pon dah jd blog"

Ana's right. So here I am.

Ok, on this very-first-serious-yet-will-be-a-loooooong entry, let me introduce one of my BFF, Wan Anies Wan Ahmad.
We are frens since secondary up until now. Its already, lets see... erm 10 years. Wow! its 10 years. Klau ade anak, dh jd anak bujang/anak dara dah. Hehe!
We were in the same class for the whole five years at SAB. Rindunye the good old days.
Dh banyak sangat things that weve been through together.

Byk bende gile. Sume yg mengarut, nonsense, tak tercapai dek akal pon ade. Hehe!
Tp im not going to reveal here. Its a secret among four of us (Anies, Marina, Haida aka Adik AJ).

And and we used to looooooove boybands. Still remember me and Diba sanggup overnight kat Anies house just becos nak pegi Blue's gig kat Sunway Lagoon. I remember my fav was none other than Encik Duncan James.

Blue - Duncan is the most right

Tak blh ade artis dtg, mesti kene pg. Blue, Human Nature, O-Town, The Moffatts (Ni yg tak tahan. Pegi2 jek showcase dh abes!). Actually, theres tooooo many. Some of them I dont even remember the name sbb dh pupus dah nowadays. Haha! Nak google pon ntah2 takde dah.

Usually artis kan buat show on the weekend. So on Monday the next week, we all adela issue utk berbual.
We were so loooooooud back then. Even cikgu tgh ngajar pon blh berbual.
Pikir2 blk mcm rude plak. Tapi takdela kuat sgt. Just kebetulan class tgh senyap kan? Dats y blh dgr tu.
Sampaikan our ustazah cop geng kitorg Geng Nyamuk. Haha!!
She said,tak dgr each and every words tapi adeeeeeeeee jek bunyi. Mcm nyamuk!
Pelik, dulu tak rase malu pon.

Slalunye dulu mase tgh takde keje slalu hang out kat Pelita Bangsar.
Naik Kenari Anies.
If we sick with the Mamak food, kite pgla kt BSC ke Bangsar Village ke.
Huhu those were the happy days.
Igt lagi before Marina fly to Dublin, we all ade buat reunion kecil2an
Geng Nyamuk (minus Diba ngan Fau).
Me, Anies, Nisa, Marina + Shary.
We all hang out kat Bangsar. Masuk every shops there, tgk2 skit and blah.
Ade jgak shop yg sempat we all snap pictures.
Org lain tgk pelik jek. Well, we all mmg begitu. PELIK!
And we went to the picture booth to take our pictures together.
And gave it to Marina as kenang2an di Dublin.

Tapi, lately sgt jarang berjumpa dgn Anies.
I really hope we could catching up these days.
Looking forward to the Bangsar days again!!

It is almost 5.
I should get some sleep.
Esok nak jalan2 dgn Fau.

Till then.