Friday, December 5, 2008

The One With Guilt Filled Her System

First thing : countdown
  • End of practical training - another 14 days to go
  • Venture into the working environment - as soon as i finish the training
  • Settle down, waiting for the tarikh keramat 20102010 hehe! - lama lagi. Uwaaaaaaaa!!(the tarikh keramat hanyalah untuk ilustrasi sahaja. Tiada kaitan dgn yg hidup atau yg mati)

Second thing : Saya rasa sgt bersalah sekarang.
Saya telah berjanji kpd my bf yg saya akan makan Wendy's together with him bile die turun KL untuk meet up. But, I feel that I cannot resist the godaan of the little-girl-with-pony-tail (referring to Wendy's official logo. Well, at this point I think that Wendy might be that little girl. Hmm..). Then during today's lunch I walked by myself to the nearest Wendy's that i can reach to (Haha! like there are so many of them. The other one i think is in Sunway Pyramid) and bought myself a combo set which cost me around 13 bucks. (It's a shrimp set. I'm allergic to it but yet the picture is so... tantalising)

I tapau-ed the set and walked back to my office. Its not that far as with my walking style (some say kelam-kabut style), it only take 5 to 10 minutes to reach UOA. Luckily today the guard gave me the visitor pass - not the laminated one as always, and can swiftly went through the gate and straightly got on the lift to the 18th floor.

I would give 4/5 for Wendy's. The fries quite salty (Yap, I saw the staff simply 'poured-in' the salt to the fries.) I found online reviews on Wendy's that sharing the same thought as mine. The reviewer also mentioned that he/she prefers the traditional one - those typical McD, Burger King and etc.. Well, we should adapt to changes sometimes, people!

As this entry is about me filling my system with guilt feeling, the story begins:
I told my bf that I had Wendy's for lunch today. Then he went to his rendition of owh, really? tonation (even though we had the online conversation, i know him really well). He started saying things like 'Why I cannot prove the things I've said?'. Translation: Cakap tak serupa bikin.
He said I was the one yg promise that we will have our Wendy's moments together and ended up breaking it. Huhu! I was speechless.

He is right. I should not promise something that I'm not going to keep. Maybe he thought of the moment will be so special that we will have it for the first time - together. But I messed everything up. I never thought that he would take it too seriously.

Then bile sesi perbincangan dijalankan dgn rancaknye (yes, keje kene postpone dulu wpon berlambak2), baru I faham yg my bf ni nak yg terbaik utk i je. He doesnt want me to walk alone as he is not here to take care of me (awww, ure sooooo sweet.) He afraid something bad might happen to me as there is no one accompany me. He said, everything that I want to do, I must tell him. Its not reach to the extend of mengongkong, but i know his intention - to make sure im safe wherever i go.

Since the first major problem of our relationship, I begin to learn and take all the precautious steps to ensure that this relationship will last forever.

I love you and I dont want to lose you.
At the end of the day, he apologized to me.
I said its not your fault, it is surely mine.
And he said, its nobody's fault sayang. Aaaaaahhhh, he is my sunshine!